House-made coffee, roasted just for you

Step into the shop and enjoy the some fireside brew—or hop over to the online shop and get fresh-roasted beans delivered to your door.

Time for a Deadlift

Whether deadlifting at Crossfit or deadlifting your Monday workload, there's some brew waiting for you here.

Swing through the drive through and pair some fresh pastries with a smooth, high-caffeine roast. Or sit back in front of the fire to savor a foaming latte. And don't forget to pick up a bag of beans on your way out.

At Deadlift Coffee Company we strive to provide you with the best possible coffee. Deadlift Coffee is full of flavor and high in caffeine, smooth tasting and low in acidity. Only the best and freshest Arabica beans are used to create this unique blend.

We take great time and care in selecting, roasting, grinding, packaging, and delivering you the best possible coffee experience you can have. From the first moment of opening the coffee, the aroma takes over your senses and you anticipate the first taste of you brew.

Why high caffeine?

Crossfit has been a big inspiration for the creation of Deadlift Coffee Company. High caffeine is achieved through the hand selected beans and ratio in which they are blended. The goal: to fuel your workout and daily routine.

Nothing tests your strength like the deadlift. Challenging every sinew in your body from your calves to your fingers. You can half squat a weight or hit a sweet bench press with a little help. You can't cheat the deadlift. You either lift it, or you don't. Thats why I drink Deadlift Coffee.

Crossfit Athlete

For an incredible coffee experience, you have to give this try. You will not be disappointed!

Danielle M

Great coffee! Super smooth.

Carol H

So far for all the Blends I have tried Deadlift Coffee has not disappointed me in any way shape or form. No sugar or creamer for this kind of coffee, its amazing

Frank W

My husband and I love this Coffee so much it travels with us so we can have it everyday.

Sarah B

I drink my coffee black and strong ! I tried this at a friends house and got hooked smooth rich flavor.

Mike E

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